The Great American Road Trip

”Then one day, when you least expect it, the great adventure finds you.” – Ewan Mcgregor. 

Life is an adventure, buckle up and go for the ride! After nearly 4 years on the east coast, I will be making my journey home back to Los Angeles. As I travel across the country with one of my best friends, two dudes in a standard size SUV, I will be documenting the adventure and telling stories along the way.

The Great American Road Trip

Day 3 & Day 4

Date: August 16th, 2017

Time: 6:42PM

Poboys and Donald Trump

As we enter Texas there's a huge Trump sign on the side of the highway. Immediately, a car passes by with a Hillary for Prison bumper sticker. 

This is Trump country, welcome to Texas. 

This is Day 4 of The Great American Roadtrip.

In this post, I will be combining both Days 3 and 4 since we weren't on the road yesterday. We spent yesterday exploring and enjoying what New Orleans had to offer. 

There's nothing like having fantastic friends. I would like to thank the homie Mike and especially his dad, 'Papa Pico', for letting us stay at his house during our stay in New Orleans. 

If you can't tell so far, we like to eat and this trip has been heavily food driven. While in New Orleans, we spent the day eating poboys, beignets, jambalaya, and gumbo. Also being New Orleans, it rained most of the day but we were still able to explore the French Quarter. During the night, we cruised Bourbon Street...going up on a Tuesday. 

We are currently on our way to Houston for a pit stop at my sisters before the final stretch of the day to Austin (with an eta arrival of around 9/10 PM). 

When we arrive we will be greeted with homemade red beans & rice with hot water corn bread. Love ya sis (PS you made the blog!).

You do a lot of thinking on the road. For someone who already stays in their mind, I've done a lot of reflection on the road. 

I believe everyone should take a cross country road trip.

It is an opportunity to experience the different cultures - in our own backyard. It is an opportunity to meet different people, who contribute to the experience along the way. It is an opportunity to get out of your element and to live the nomadic lifestyle. It is an opportunity to add perspective, to really see how the rest of the country is.

For me personally, it is already becoming the best decision on my way back to Los Angeles. 


Cafe Du Monde

When in NOLA

Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street

New Orleans Poboy




Day 2

Date: August 15th, 2017 (exact date of the drive is 8/14)

Time: 11:11 AM (a bit late)

The Ultimate Freedom

Being on the open road is the ultimate freedom. There are no constraints, the self-guided route holds the same feeling as the act of free will. It is a feeling of freedom to go down any path, to stop at any stop, and to make as many detours or pit-stops as you'd like (or time will allow for). 

It's an amazing feeling, one that isn't too prevalent in our society.

The trip so far is still a bit surreal - the moments of "holy crap, we're in x state right now" seems to never disappear. 

On Day 2 - we left Nashville for Memphis, with the final destination for the day being New Orleans. 

10 hrs of driving.
3 cities.
3 states.

The experience, priceless.

The night before in Nashville, we went honky tonkin. A first experience and memorable one. 

Yelp has been our go-to food connoisseur during this entire trip. It also hasn't let us down yet.

The morning of Day 2, we had a good ole southern brunch from a place called "Biscuit Love". I now understand why they named it that, each bite filled your mouth with love - if love was also endless flavor. 

Our Orders:
Fried Chicken, Gravy, Biscuit Sandwiches
Bloody Mary's 

On the drive from Nashville to Memphis, we drove through the most rain that I've seen fall at one time. At moments kind of scary - but at the same time added to the adventure of the road trip.

As we cross through the frontier, the surrounding scenery is just pure picturesque. The land of the south is breathtaking, beautiful, and also has a lot of history to it.

In Memphis, we get more BBQ - probably our 3rd time around so far. No shame in our game. 

The restaurant was recommended and called Corky's BBQ. Yelp said it was known for its rib, so of course, that is what we ordered. By far, some of the best BBQ ribs that I've had in my life. Coupled with sweet tea, satisfied wasn't a good enough word.

While in Memphis, we make stops at the Lorraine Motel and Graceland. The Lorraine Motel was an amazing sight to see - unfortunately, due to time, we weren't able to see much of the neighboring Civil Rights Museum. 


Just weird. I felt like I was stuck in time, surrounded by middle-old aged white people who smell like cigarettes and look like Elvis. 

The final stretch to New Orleans was a straight shot through Mississippi. Due to the fact that it was Mississippi, we didn't stop once. We weren't taking any chances. 

We made it into New Orleans around 12:30 AM. 

Got a good nights rest and now we're ready for another day of good food, city exploring, and bayou living. 

Biscuit Love



BBQ for Lunch

Elvis Land

FullSizeRender (6).jpg


Day 1

Date: August 13, 2017

Time: 8:24 PM

Road Trips are made for detours

It's not a road trip without a few detours. Suprisingly, after a night out in D.C. we were able to make it on the road on time in accordance to our pre planned schedule. 

After a few cold brews for fuel, we hit the road en route to Nashville, TV. We're both running on high energy, excited for the epic journey ahead.

Only about an hour and half into the drive, we take our first detour of the trip. We kept seeing this huge billboard, something about caverns. Intrigued, but also not knowing what the hell a cavern is, like the millineials that we are - we google it. 

After a quick search, the decision is a solid yes from both of us "tryna go see some caverns??"...we both reply "yup".

However, as we continue to drive through Virginia, I begin to reflect on yesterday's evens in Charlottesville. As it was last night when we went to the Lincoln Memorial and recognized the scripted words on the wall. Words from Lincoln that speak about peace, justice, and equality. It's a shame, 300 years later, the battle continues for true equality & justice in America.

We actually end up passing a sign that says Charlottesville - instant decision is that we need to stay as far away as possible.

The cavern detour turns out to be one of the coolest nature things I've ever seen. The cavern is pure magic, something that the movies try to replicate. We end up 260 feet below the surface, looking at geological creations that are over a million years old. By far, one of the most spectacular moments. To think, it's only day 1, who knows what else America has to offer.

Onward on the road again.

We're closing in on Nashville. Had a fantastic lunch at, Three Little Pigs BBQ, where another cold brew was needed to fight off the itis.

As we make the drive, we continue to ask ourselves" whether or not it's okay to pull over here?"

Three Little Pigs BBQ






The AirBnB

Day 0

Date: August 12, 2017
Time: 5:44 PM

I'm sitting in my empty studio with nothing but an air mattress, small chair, and two pillows. I guess this is goodbye, it has been a good run. 

I am grateful for my stay in this town. I gotta say, in one year, I learned a lot about myself. Thank you, Washington D.C. 

But now, Los Angeles awaits!

I woke up this morning to a phone call from Trevor, my good friend who's joining me on The Great American Roadtrip. After I slept through multiple alarms and two text messages, he informs me that he landed in D.C. A good friend is one who is down to just drop everything for the enjoyment of life experiences. That's Trevor.

It has been a long day. 

We've picked up the rental SUV, drove to Virginia to sell my mattress, then went on a little adventure in Old Historic Alexandria. Speaking of Alexandria, everyone looks the exact same - it's bizarre. 

The SUV is packed, the air mattress is blown up, and now it's time to take a nap. 

We hit the road tomorrow, bright & early. 

*Captains Log 

Fried Chicken and Waffles

Fried Chicken & Waffles

Location: Somewhere in Arlington Virginia 

Road Trip Ready


P.S. The mattress didn't fit :(

Historic Arlington Virginia

Historic Arlington Virginia

Farewell D.C.