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What A Difference A Year Can Make


This post is heavily influenced and inspired by one of my favorite writers and bloggers, Mark Manson. You often find inspiration from words of people you’ve never met. This one is a little personal, as I’ll give you an insight into my life. My thoughts. My current state of mind. My harnessed emotions. My aspirations. My feelings of hope. My willingness to constantly fight against life’s changing tides.

Not knowing is the whole fucking point. Life is all about not knowing, and then doing something anyway. All of life is like this. All of it” - Mark Manson. You come to a time in your life where everything seems to just click. Volatile as life is, this temporary feeling of understanding must be embraced before life decides to loosen its grip. My whole life has revolved around the feeling of ‘knowing’.  Metaphorical to traveling towards a destination. I always needed to know where I was going, when I was getting there, and how I was going to stay and/or get back. Due to my obsessive behavior of ‘knowing’, I never let life take it’s course as I tried to blaze my own trail.

Younger. Angrier. Wiser

"Life moves at the pace it wants, not the pace you want. Change is going to come slowly, often so slowly that we don’t even notice it’s taking place” - Mark MansonLife doesn’t always work in your favor. When things are going bad, it will stay that way until you take a forcible action to reverse the tides. When things are going good, always be prepared for the worse case scenario.

Retrospective on the year, 2015 has been a year of hills and valleys but through each…the valleys start to get shorter and the hills higher. Let’s call it the year of the Lost & Found. Lost dreams, lost friendships, lost relationships, lost aspirations, lost opportunity. With each negative, there is a positive. 2015 was also a year of found passions, found opportunity, found motivation, found (healthy) habits, found happiness.

New Year, New Me. While cliché, the phrase stands true. Change is the only guarantee in life. Every year you are a new you, everyday month you are new you, every week you are new you, every day you are a new you. There is always an opportunity to be a different person, for better or worse.

At the beginning of 2015, I asked myself a very important question “Am I spending time on the things and at the places where I feel the most like myself and are moving me forward in my evolution. After months and months of retrospective I was able to narrow the list to three things where I would focus my time and energy for my well-being: School, The Gym, and Close Friendships.


“That’s really the only secret sauce if there is any – being willing to chart your own course regardless of the inevitable fear” –  Mark Manson. THIS! This is it! This is the answer, or as DJ Khaled would say “Major Key, they don’t want you to find the secret sauce”.  But really, that’s all there is to it. If you want to make a significant change in your life, you have to look past your doubts and doubters and just say ‘fuck it’. Although easier said than done, it’s the fear of the unknown that holds us back.

In 2015 alone: I quit a job that I hated with no future employment opportunity, distanced myself from ‘friends’ who didn’t align with my energy, lost trust in (a few) relationships, and put all my eggs in one basket by attending graduate full-time. If it wasn’t for my decision to do any of those things, I may not be where I am today. I found my passion by quitting a job that I hated, I realized the friends who were more than friends, (relationships is still a rocky one, I’ll get back to that in the 2016 version of this), and I am killing it in grad school, which has led to multiple internship opportunities in the field in which my passion lies.

When I talk to friends and families, they are often admirable of my journey and decision to just ‘go for it’. From traveling to NYC from LA, with odds against my favor. From not being fully-accepted to NYU, to being a 4.0 student and honestly killing it in all of my classes. From quitting a deadbeat job, to finding a passion in digital marketing.

So why am I writing this? What is this for? Honestly, I just felt like it was something that I needed to get off of my chest. Take what you want from it. Writing is my main tool for self-expression and I hope that my words are an inspiration in the humblest form.


…..Let’s change the pace a bit and get introspective. I’m a believer in parallel dimensions and the multi-verse theory. Me coming to the east coast, is me meeting that east coast version of myself that I previously didn’t know about. Leaving one world for another. Living in this dimension that I was never in before, even though it already existed. Shifting from reality to reality. Providing infinite possibilities for discover, growth, and change.

That introspective realization has helped me weather life’s storms. YOU ALWAYS have the ability to change your reality. YOU ALWAYS have the ability to strive to become the person who you aspire to be. YOU ALWAYS have the ability to discover, grow, and change. However, not just by changing locations or moving to another city, but by continuing to learn about yourself.

Through this process, I have developed the self-confidence which I have lacked for a majority of my life. Each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint. Discover what you love and allow the universe to lead you. There’s a major shift currently going on the world. Some are progressing, others are stagnating. Don’t get swept by the storm, change your reality to a sunny day. It may take more than a year, but oh what a difference a year can make.