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Vibrate Higher, America

What if Donald Trump is a direct result of our collective level of consciousness.

Take a moment to dwell on that statement….when it comes down to it, it’s true. Donald Trump is a direct result of our country’s actions and collectiveness as a whole. Donald Trump's bigoted rhetoric could not have been accepted had it not been for America’s history of selfishness and hate. 

America is a country that is plagued with its past. The American principle of freedom has come at the cost of entire cultures and civilizations. You have to ask yourself why were actions of violence and force needed to achieve our reality today. We’ve actually never really loved each other.

To my Democrats, Republicans, and Independents we have to do better as a country. No matter where your political beliefs fall on the tangent of right and left, the moral truths of right and wrong are universal. No matter your religious beliefs and/or which god you choose to believe in, the moral truths of right and wrong are universal. No matter socio-economic status or place in America’s class hierarchy, the moral truths of right and wrong are universal.

There are three guiding principles to Universal Morality:

1)    Attempt to maximize your own personal happiness and fulfillment

2)    Attempt to maximize the happiness and fulfillment of every other individual of your species

3)    Attempt to maximize the happiness and fulfillment of every other sentient creature in the universe

The second and third guiding principle is the most important, as it deals with things greater than yourself. Donald Trump is a reflection of America’s ego – we only care about things or matters that directly affect us.

Those refugees and bombings in Syria, not our problem. Universal healthcare? Pshh everyone is looking for a handout. Free College? Nah, I’m not paying for someone else who is just looking for a handout. The unwillingness to sacrifice ones happiness for others plagues our country. This is the basis of the ongoing rhetoric that encompasses everyday conversations and on social media. This is the current state of mind of America. All ego, like Donald Trump.

America has never strayed from its past, as it never truly forgave or been aware of its own wrong doings. America has a HUGE ego, whose moral truths is only relative to itself.

A society founded on acts of hate and divisiveness is going to be more susceptible to the conception of extremism. No type of ism is especially good, or even morally right. All isms are extreme views of a particular subject. The only way a culture can hold such views is through lack of awareness, love, and knowledge of the simple truth we are just one in the same.  

We are all connected and collectively we must rid ourselves of ego. Donald Trump is America’s dark night to a brighter day. Let's hope so, as our country’s future relies on increasing our awareness, love, and action of moral rights.  We can only do so by not only increasing our own happiness but also the happiness of those around us.

Everything will change after the fall of 2016 and hopefully it won’t be as dark and gloomy as you may be expecting. America's worst of the worst has been exposed like a bad disease, presented in the form of Donald Trump. 

We must collectively must rid ourselves of ego for what could have been…

Bernie Sanders 2016


We need to vibrate higher, America.