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The Youth: A New Generation of Leaders

“The world needs a new generation of leaders who aspire for a culture based in empathy and wisdom. We can be those leaders. We can create an enlightened society. We can help transform theworld with the power of an open heart.” @TheYTH_

"When we say we cannot do anything about it, we are accepting disorder in ourselves as inevitable” Jiddu Krishnamurti. As above, so below; or so it seems. Chaos, destruction, hate, and bigotry haze over the present reality of modern society. In the age of media and information, it’s almost impossible to escape the never-ending images and stories of despair and suffering. As a consequence, we have become immune to the daily acts of violence and hate. As a society we no longer place value on empathy and compassion.

This may just be my perspective of the world around me, but I believe if you are truly aware of the recent world and domestic headline news, there will be some understanding. The terrorist attacks in France, the protest in Missouri, the Syrian refugees, or the endless police violence/brutality; the façade of understanding is overshadowed by apathy. Benevolence is in the form of likes, shares, and profile photos - self-centered means of filling the void of pain. Social media has become this vast wasteland of egocentrism, and theatre for self-expression. We live in a materialistic culture and we are no longer connected. We value individualism, ego-satisfaction and material self-interest. Freedom has come at the cost of violence, exploitation, and ignorance.

The Youth-Love

"The most influential people in history had one thing in common, a heart of gold, a heart that is routed in pure purpose". I have hope. I truly believe that the true nature of man is ingrained in love, peace, happiness, mercy, tolerance, and patience. I believe we are at a tipping point in the paradigm shift of finding humanities true purpose in a peaceful society. Despite the daily acts of violence, hate, and bigotry, we must be willing to “turn the other cheek”.


“Any movement which is worth while, any action which has any deep significance, must begin with each one of us”. It is our generation, the so-called “millennials”, who are the driving force of this significant shift of global awareness and tolerance. As the ‘most educated generation in the history of the world’, progressive values of equality and change have been at the forefront of our ideologies. This can been seen across the globe, from the youth sparked revolutions in Tunisia, Ukraine, Egypt, and Libya. It is our generation’s self-expressiveness, confidence, and understanding that we can create real change that is encouraging. We are the youth, the leaders of tomorrow, a generation of peace and acceptance set forth to rid the world of generations of hate and bigotry.


“If, when we act, we act totally, then our relationship with the world undergoes a tremendous revolution”. Our purpose is to break down old paradigms and to build a new culture on the basis of honesty and integrity. We must align ourselves with peace. A revolution is only as significant as the change it creates in society. Despite our youth, we have affected entire societies and ideas. Just imagine when we hold the primary positions of power around the globe. Change is inevitable.

“You can influence the world if in yourself you are not violent, if you lead actually every day a peaceful life”. In order to receive love, we must be vulnerable. Vulnerability is a rare characteristic in a patriarchal dominated society that rewards dominance. There is true power in an open heart. Every situation, event, moment in life is an opportunity to practice universal morality – acting in the basis of love; unconditional love. The real true strength in our generation is our willingness to strive to be different. We revolt against societal norms, we break boundaries, and most importantly we accept equality.

(*End Kanye Rant) Before I did my brainstorming and research to write this post, I didn’t really have a clear topic or point that I wanted to get across but I knew that I just had to write something. The recent world events (terrorist attacks, refugee crisis, race relations) have been emotionally overwhelming, and people have responded in a backlash of bigotry, hatred, and pure ignorance. There’s a severe lack of understanding of one another, we no longer have a global-connectedness. We fight against each other due to physical, psychological, religious, and societal differences. I guess, I just really wanted to show some expression and give hope that we can truly rid the world of negativity with unconditional love – riding ourselves of ego.