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#My500Words: Day 27 of 31 "4 College Classes That Would Have Been Useful"


Picture the world in which every university and college actually taught you the practical as well as applicable skills and knowledge that you need to face adult life head-on? Don't get me wrong, higher education is still the best way to meet upward economic mobility. It is also essential to get the professional soft-skills necessary to enter the workforce. But, yet college doesn't actually prepare you for the real challenges that come with adulthood. You know, things like how to do your taxes, apply for a loan, and figuring out your 401K.

The university system is seen as a scam and fraud to many due to the high debt and lack of actual real knowledge acquired by its students. Some would even go as far to say that it's a waste of money and that you should just learn a trade or at least major in a semi-applicable major. Most of college grads wind up in mounds of debt, without any real information on how they actually work, and majoring in Ancient Aliens isn't going to pay it off.  

It's the same story every graduating class. Kid goes to college, kid majors in business or something useless like art history. Then kid graduates and enters as a freshman into the University of Adulthood and end up stumbling and falling within his first semester or two in the real world. What if that could be simply avoided?

With a bleak job market for recent grads and the high-competition for entry-level positions. Many college degree holders are taking jobs that they are overqualified for. But yet, many of them still don't know to properly adult. I've always had the assumption that college is where you go to learn how to be an adult and all that good stuff. Oh, boy was I wrong.

University is an excellent place. As it is ripe environment to transform into a professional and prepare for the challenges that come with being an adult. But, yet many colleges today don't really touch on the later. There needs to be a complete revolution and overhaul to college curriculums around the nation. The mission is to teach actual real useful course material that you can apply in your everyday life as an adult. The following courses would be at the core of the new curriculum and would actually be useful on "How to be an Adult":

How To Do Your Taxes 101
Every year tax season seems to creep on us and if it wasn't for the help of our parents, we'd be lost like a deer in the headlights. Do you file these yourself? What's a W-2? Do you have to pay someone else to file? But you don't want to pay…then how do you file them yourself? Do you always get money back? What happens if you never file? Do you go to jail like Wesley Snipes? These are all critical questions that will be addressed within this class. 
How To Choose or Change Banks 313
Okay, so now you've moved to a new city and they don't have any branches or atm's of your bank. What do you do? How do you know to choose the right bank? Do you need to transfer funds between banks? Or just take out all my cash before? Who should you consult on choosing the best bank? How do you take out a personal loan? Get the skills and knowledge on choosing a proper bank by enrolling in this course. 
How To Shop For Business Attire 225
So now you are either interviewing for or you're about to start the job of your dreams but you aren't so savvy on how to look the part. The cargo shorts and frat tank tops won't work in the office environment. Get styling tips so you can kill it in that pants suit like Hillary or look as dapper as Don Draper. 
Get Good Credit 405
Tricked into getting a credit card during college? Or need to build up credit to get a new lease on a home or car? Don't worry! In this course, you'll learn not only how to build good credit but how to sustain it. Don't get trapped in unnecessary debt and learn the skills necessary to meet that 700-800+ credit score.