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#My500Words: Day 8 of 31 "The Chosen Ones"

Day 8: We are the chosen ones. 

The Chosen Ones

We are the chosen ones. We are the chosen ones sent to earth during this lifetime in search of enlightenment and wisdom. An everlasting but necessary search in order to raise our vibrational frequency as our would is cursed with negativity. We are the chosen ones who are responsible for bringing change upon this world. Change in the form of empathy, love, and connectedness manifested for future generations to enjoy.

We have chosen to manifest in this lifetime due to our strength that is interchanged with our search for meaning. After our time is done here, we will live on, manifesting our lessons in the form of energy. Energy that will permeate through every corner of our society, and energy whose light will be bright and whose love will be divine.

Life comes with yin and yang, a representation of the polarity of all things. Yin is the light of all things living and breathing. The light that shines over the sky and spreads itself in smiles and joy. Meanwhile, yang is the darkness that encompasses the night. The darkness that dims our soul in troubled times. We are the chosen ones sent to discover that there is no yin without its yang and there is no yang without its yin.  

We search for enlightenment when there is no darkness. Don’t search there. We search for organization where this is no chaos. Don’t search there. We search for love where there is no hate. Don’t search there. A lesson we must learn there is no positivity without negativity. We all want positive outcomes without going through the negative situations to get them. You see, being the chosen ones, our realities have embraced darkness, chaos, and hate to teach a lesson and serve an underlying purpose. A purpose unknown to those that don’t look for its reasoning.

We are the chosen ones, we are the enlightened ones. We are love, empathy, and light….a trinity equally divine. All around us, the world manifests negative energy in the form of hate and destruction. We are the chosen ones to discover the necessary evils. However, we must not get trapped in its darkness by dwelling on it. Let hate and destruction lead you out of the path of destruction. We have been chosen to use hate and destruction as a tool for change. If we live in the light that is in our truest self’s, then darkness will only be a gloomy mirage

Because we exist, we are absolute. We are absolute in our being but we must always be mindful of our absolute higher selves. We are the chosen and enlightened ones who have manifested with the goal of spreading light and awareness. We are the awakened here to wake the masses. Many are sleep, but few really dream. Also be weary, as those who dream, many are living in their own nightmares.