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#My500Words: Day 19 of 31 "37% of Republicans Approve of Putin"

I just got blocked on twitter today for the first time by @JaeCreitch. It's not surprising that she blocked me. Considering that her description reads: Anti-liberal, God, and #MAGA (Make America Great Again). Now it wasn't like my twitter fingers were causing beef with @JaeCreitch that lead to her blockade. Instead, I was just pointing out to her that Putin is an authoritarian communist while she went on to explain that Obama is weak and Putin is strong. 

Hmm, I guess my point never got across to her due to her ignorance and boundless hate for Obama. This is the story of millions of conservatives across the country. Ignore all facts and truth just as long as it includes their hate for Obama, praises Donald Trump, or counters their cognitive dissonance. I will never understand how a group of people can hold so much hate that they consistently opt in against their best interest. Although it is ironic to think about since those who have so much hate are usually the ones who are negatively affected the most by the outcome of their baseless position. It's almost as if they are being punished for holding hate so dear to their heart.

The ignorance of Americans may and very well be the end of our great democracy. It doesn't make sense to me how 37% of conservatives support Vladimir Putin. This is a man who not only stands against everything that this country was founded on but is also an ex KGP intelligence officer. Putin is a communist who is hell bent on destroying the west. But, they see him, as being a strong leader since he has complete control over his country and limits sovereign freedom of surrounding states as well has is own citizens.

Is this the type of leader that American's want? If so, our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves. This country was founded to escape the perils that came with living under such type of rule. America was founded on freedom – freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of religion, and freedom of oppression. Authoritarians, like Putin, hate freedom and base their entire agenda on one thing and that is control. We must not let an authoritarian mentality take over our once great nation. 

Hate filled ignorance is the worst type of ignorance because hate is permanently blinding. When one hates they aren't open or receptive to anything that shows love or counters their perception. This is the story of the 2016 election and as it looks, the future of our country. With the recent revelations of the Russian hacking by the CIA and recently backed by the FBI, there are still millions of Americans that think it is fake news due to their hate filled ignorance. It is shameful for them to call themselves patriots when they won't accept our nation's intelligence of an enemy trying to influence the outcome of our election. But instead, they object and call it fake news. 

So to the 37% of Republicans who support Putin, I hope that you realize that Putin does not want to Make America Great Again.