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#My500Words: Day 13 of 31 "Manifesto"

The problem is a combination of government, the world, human nature, ignorance, hate, fear, lack of empathy, corporate world/capitalism, and false promises. The government has an overbearing hand to control the masses, a mission of control and domination. The world is in chaos with war and destruction everywhere you and will be here as long as there are humans as inhabitants on this planet. Human nature, is animalistic and often plagued with ego at its forefront. As a consequence, many humans are ignorant beyond their own perspectives.

This causes hate in those that don’t seek understanding and fear in those who despise change. The combination of both hate and fear breed bigotry, which is the off-spring of racism. Both are caused by a lack of empathy. Capitalism is filled with greed and power. In abundance or not, both are dangerous and can cause unforeseen damage. Lastly, we are falsely promised an ideal way of life. A way of life that has no meaning and substance and in its void is consumerism, vice, and self-indulgence.

So what’s the solution? We have to go against the grain and the norms of society to change our current reality. By going against the norms we can change the status quo. Be inspired and bring change to your life. We must first change ourselves if we hope to see the change in our outward realities. The world is just a reflection of our own internal perspectives. Be joyful, be gracious, be kind, and most importantly embody love. Love is the only thing that is truly free is accessible to anyone willing to receive. We need to be more empathetic. We need to promote more happiness and live less stressful lives. Life is too short to dwell on your worries, be mindful of your presence and where you mind my dwell. Be the you that you hope to be and the world will follow.

Now, what’s the next step? Just do it. Whatever obstacle that gets in the way can be maneuvered. There is always a brighter day after a dark night. Never lose hope and always think positive and BIG. Truly believe that your goals can be accomplished and manifest some abundance in your reality. Impact the world by spreading awareness and love. Be an empathetic and influence that brings value to our society. Fight for progressive ideas of equality. Promote love, hope, motivation, and inspiration. Create organizations that you wish to see in your communities that benefit society.