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#My500Words: Day 28 of 31 "Find love, spread love, and be love"

Defiant radical sacrificial, love. The imprisoned & impoverished, those that hate you or hurt you; love unconditional. May this love in you renew” Senator Corey Booker. The original nature of soul is love, peace, happiness, mercy, tolerance, and patience. Love for all things. Peace for others. Happiness in joy. Mercy in pain. Tolerance for differences, and patience in perseverance.

Our souls are made with the abundance of love and peace. We are born beings of light & energy who have manifested within physical bodies during this lifetime. Whose purpose is to spread positivity and light. We must not underestimate the power of our own instincts for we are instinctively peaceful.

Our main duty as beings of light is to continue to transform the world with the power of an open heart. There will always be negative forces that we must fight. But, yet you can never beat hate with hate, as hate can only be defeated with love. Darkness cannot be brought out of its shadows with more darkness; only light exposes the depth of its realm. Only light can expose hate for what it is.

As those with hate usually are those that lack ambition. They lack love and knowledge of themselves. For they would not have forms of hate of themselves if they knew that hatred of others is and will always be hatred of yourself.

Hatred of other people. Hatred of other sexual orientations. Hatred of other religions. Hatred of those different than you, is and will always be hatred of yourself. For those people and beings are reflections of you. They are connected to you, in spirit and soul, so you must love them for they are your brothers and sisters.

Love must always begin first with you. Some people don’t love themselves, so they don’t know how to love each other. You cannot acquire love from any outside things if there is not love first at the source, your own internal heart.

The ancient Greeks would visit the Oracle at Delphi to seek wisdom and knowledge. Once they entered the temple, there lived a sign upon its entrance that read ‘Gnothi Seauton” or translated into “Know Thyself”.

The sign was a representation of the universal truth that you could not seek wisdom or knowledge, which are forms of love, from other people of beings, if at first, you did not have or know those things within yourself. Knowing yourself is loving yourself. Loving your strengths, loving your weaknesses, and most importantly loving your flaws. As nothing is flawed if everything was created with love in mind.

Many other ancient civilizations, from the Egyptian’s, Mayan’s, and Native Americans understood the power of the unconditional love of all things in nature. They understood this because they understood that every living thing is connected. They understood that due to our connectedness, all things must be loved equally. But, most importantly they also understood that wisdom and knowledge were powerful tools if harnessed within you first.

Once you have acquired wisdom and knowledge of yourself, the nature of all things would be in synchronicity in love within your life. We are all connected; everything is equal under the natural light of the sun. The nature of love is in everything and must be recognized no matter how much hate is spread by unnatural forces.

“Peace before everything, god before anything. Love before anything, real before everything” Tiron & Ayomari. In everything, we must seek peace. In everything, there is also god whose love is real and ubiquitous. There is a god within yourself in which you must find. That is one of the many meanings and everlasting searches that compose our lives; the search for our own god’s within and the search for eternal love.

Free love. Love is the only thing truly free in this world. It’s free to spread the love. It’s free to receive love. It’s free to have love within yourself. Free in its essence, love is the natural currency of the universe. Everything is paid in love. From the moment of existence, love has been at the core and has funded happiness, peace, mercy, and wealth.

Our ego often tells us that once everything falls into place then we will find peace. But our soul and spirit says find peace first and then everything will fall into place. Peace must come before all things. As peace is a form of love, an expression of love not only for yourself but also of your enemies and your enemies, enemies.

Forgiveness is peace. But those with ego have a hard time forgiving as they place love in outside things above the love within. Ego blocks the heart from loving and is always false in its purpose. Rid yourself of ego. Express gratitude. Find peace within yourself. Spread love to every and all things, and the universe will reward you. That is one of the truths, a truth of love.

Find love, spread love, and be love. We are all one. One Love.