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#My500Words: Day 17 of 31 "Why We Should Give Less Fucks"

"Moments of non-fuckery are the moments that most define our lives" Mark Manson.

You never know in which moment where you rid yourself of fucks that are going to change your life. However, by giving a fuck you're odds of monstrous life changes are few to none. It's important to understand what non-fuck-giving is defined as, in a healthy sense. For starters, it does not mean being reckless in your behavior or your actions and just negating every rule in the book. It's far from that, non-fuckery is in the moments where we are hesitant about an uncertain idea or thought. Not giving a fuck is most important when you sense some sort of doubt in yourself. Don't ever be scared to take a leap of faith in life. Don't give any fucks and just go for it. 

In my short lifetime, I've probably given way to many fucks than necessary. Although I wish that I could take back my fucks in those moments, I can also pinpoint the moments where I threw all fucks out of the window. Those were the moments that would bring drastic life changes. I gave no fucks when it mattered the most but regrettably so, I will never know what could've been if I gave fewer fucks in the other moments. Those were the moments where I settled and/or gave into my doubts and fears. 

Life is fucking hard. There's no doubt about that, but it can also play into your hands the less you care. The less you care about outside opinions. The less you care about failure. The less you care about all of the possibilities that can go wrong. Caring is a slippery slope that halts progress and success. 

We all have goals and dreams. Goals are usually short-term and seem believably attainable. However, dreams are long-term and often seem like distant un-reality. We give too many caring fucks about dreams. Don't care about your dreams and definitely, don't open your bag of fucks for them. Throw care out the window along with your bag of fucks. Dreams are there to not give a fuck about. You'll get closer to attaining them if you just have a non-fuckery mentality. 

With a non-fuckery mentality, you will no longer worry about all of the things that make your dream, well, seem like a dream in the first place. You'll begin to realize that non-fuckery leads to greater possibilities of your dreams becoming a reality. It is in these moments that change our lives. Don't give any fucks, and like Nike, just do it! Do it because you've thrown all of your fucks out the window and as a consequence have no fear of what can go wrong and as a consequence, your dreams can now manifest. Abundance and manifestation grow out of non-fuck-giving. 

Sometimes you just have to not give a fuck to bring positive change to your life. Positive change that will bring you closer to the attainment of whatever is in front of you. By not giving a fuck you'll be closer to your dreams.