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#My500Words: Day 20 of 31 "Introvert + Quiet"

"Our culture made a virtue of living only as extroverts. We discouraged the inner journey, the quest for a center. So we lost our center and have to find it again" Anais Nin. The culture of today is one of boastfulness and brazenness. Where assertiveness and self-expression are often valued in organizations and within social settings. 

Where you are rewarded for how much you speak of your triumphs and where silence gets the other end of the rope. Unfortunately, the social norms of today tend to favor extrovert personalities. The world needs an introvert revolution, where the quiet ones lead the way. Where quiet is a preferred characteristic trait and solidarity is cherished. 

Do you ever just want to be alone? You value solitary and time to yourself. Do you envy the universe for its vast and empty space, a metaphor for your favorite kind of social outing? You are an introvert at heart and in the social limelight isn't exactly where you'd like to reside. Over the years you would have forcefully placed yourself in uncomfortable situations, due to the fear of missing out. 

You were often the kid in the corner, and the only one knowing that you're plotting your takeover. But now, you're mature, mindful, and confident in your quietness. You spend time the way that you'd like and makes you happy, not the way that you think you're supposed to. 

Introverts are individualistic. Introverts are also often misunderstood and can be labeled anti-social and given the shy label. We prefer listening to speaking. We never really speak out unless we are certain in our response. We may not have a lot of acquaintances when really we take pride in the loyalty of our friendships and value quality over quantity. We value alone time and place the highest value on time to ourselves, so every communal decision is based on the opportunity cost.

We tend to confine ourselves in our own environment, to escape and be free of the empty temptations of society. There's a lot of bullshit in the world that introverts have learned to stay away from. We are able to be ourselves when we spend time alone. We are at our most calm and peaceful, allowing our minds to roam. Enabling our search for meaning within and of the world around us. Introverts are deep thinkers who strategize and solve complex problems due to our natural powers of persistence, concentration, insight, and sensitivity. 

Many people speak and boast of their accomplishments. However, you never found envy in such forms of communication. In a world where assertiveness is mistaken for accomplishment, you'd rather let your work show for itself. Show and don't tell, for those who tell without much to show are often covering up for their insecurities. We show our strengths in quiet ways.