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#My500Words: Day 24 of 31 "The Four Motivators of Inspiration"

It’s a tough question to ask someone to define who he or she is. I’d much rather ask what inspires that person. We all have our individual intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. They are the driving forces of everything that we do and who we surround ourselves with. Those same motivations energize our internal drive and will to be the best versions of ourselves.

Similar to a river flow, everything in life is fluid. But, yet the only difference between a river and life is that life can change its course. Meanwhile, the river is stuck in its flow and destined path. Sometimes we all get stuck in our own flow. Most of the time, it’s hard to escape such a fate. It is our inspiration, our motivation, and our aptitude to just be un-stuck that makes a fixed fate go away.

That same inspiration and motivation are what has made the human race so great. Most animals and species before our time were not able to adapt in the ways that humans can. As they lacked the significance of inspiration and motivation. Humans can change entire landscapes to fit our needs and can kill the biggest beast to feed our families.

Since the beginning of our existence, humans have always been inspired by the basic levels of survival. But as time has gone by and now that we no longer live life just to survive, our inspiration has adapted and evolved. Now, there are many things besides survival that push us. Those things differ from person to person but the main motivators are success, passion, hope, and family.


Success, like the other main motivators, has a different definition and isn’t always universal. Success can be defined as attaining the benchmark set when trying to reach a goal. In capitalistic terms, success means achieving the American Dream. Having the white picket fence home and reaching a higher tax bracket than that of which you were born in.

However, many people falsely use monetary value as their benchmark of success. A man can be successful without the riches. A man’s success is based on how much he has committed himself to achieving his dreams but also on the impact that he has made on society. There are many ‘false successful men’ who have a negative impact on the world, looking at you Donald Trump.


Passion is pursuing whatever it is that is your highest joy. You will know it is your joy based on the feeling of energy and synchronization in whatever it is you are pursuing. Passion is also love. Love in the form of caring and empathy. We as humans must have a passion for each other and be inspired by that same passion. If we do so, there would be no war, poverty, or injustices in the world.

To be passionate is to be inspired by joy, not only in yourself but also in the things that are encompassed in your reality. If you are inspired by passion, the other three main motivators will accompany your passion and manifest them in your life.


Hope, we all have some type of hope. Hope for a new job, hope for success, hope for a new car. But don’t let hope be mainly for material things. Hope for peace and change in the world. In turbulent times such as today, hope can go a long way. Hope is the greatest weapon against negativity.

If you have hope that there is always a better world tomorrow, eventually that same hope will transform itself into reality through your actions. If we all had hope, if we all are inspired and motivated by hope, there will never be any doubt in destiny. There will always be light in the world; hope is a mechanism that fades away the darkness.


Then there’s family. Over time, I have learned the importance of family. Family is the greatest inspiration and main motivator as it underlies everything that you do. Family is the only thing that we truly have, because, without it, we would all be lost. Family will always be there when you fail when you aren’t successful when there is no hope.

We all live for something bigger than ourselves and family is the only thing bigger than oneself besides God. “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them”.

In an interview, I was asked what inspired me and I answered it was my family. It is my mother and all of her sacrifices, it is my father and the risk he takes every day to make sure that I live a life better than his, it is my older sister and brothers and the motivation that they give, and it is my younger sister and brother as I hope to lead a path that they can follow in.