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#My500Words: Day 9 of 31 "I hope//parallel universe"

MLK had a dream, I have a few hopes.

I hope I wake up tomorrow to world peace. I hope I wake up tomorrow to a world free of poverty. I hope I wake up tomorrow where race is just a mystery, where everyone is equal in his or her being. I hope I wake up tomorrow and there is no greed on Wall St. I hope I wake up tomorrow to an economy that doesn't cater to corporate interests. I hope I wake up tomorrow free of the hate and bigotry of today. Although my hope for tomorrow may not come to fruition, hopefully, just maybe, tomorrow comes true in a parallel universe.

I hope parallel universe me is doing okay. I hope he's still as ambitious and determined as I am but free of his insecurities. I hope that he can face his fears without any having any doubt. I hope his mind is powerful and strong willed. If he's reading this, parallel universe me, make sure you to continue to chase your dreams. I hope you never give up on what only you can see.

 I hope that there is love in all of your friendships. Also, that your family is as strong as the bonds that connect them. In the parallel universe, I hope you are free. I hope you are free of all things negative and constantly search for light.

I hope parallel universe me stays true to his self. Staying to his passions and follows his highest joy persistently. Parallel universe me, I hope you find peace. You see, I've gone through some darks in this reality. Although, I would never take back those days for anything as they contribute to my character. I'm constantly searching for knowledge of self and I hope you find it. I hope you find it through wisdom, knowledge, and power. I hope you live life to the fullest, sharing your joy with all of those around you. 

In the parallel universe, I hope that there is no poverty. Where there is a lack of poverty because society lives within its means. A society that is giving and communal, opposite of the capitalistic nature that underlines our world today. I hope that there is no police brutality, where police and black communities can work together in unity.

To my father, I hope there are more men in uniform that hold your virtues. In the parallel universe, I hope that you are the model for all policing around the globe. Your dedication to service and giving back to underserved communities, by any means necessary, is inspiring.  In this universe, you are a role model for many officers and young men alike. 

I hope I wake up tomorrow, where most of my hopes don't end up being a dream. A parallel universe where my hopes may not exist…but one can dream, right? 

I hope I wake up tomorrow alive and well.  I hope I wake up tomorrow blessed to see another day where I can still keep fighting for my dreams.