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#My500Words: Day 15 of 31 "Happiness"

"We exist on this earth for some undetermined period of time. During that time we do things. Some of these things are important. Some of them are unimportant. And those important things give our lives meaning and happiness. The unimportant ones basically just kill time" Mark Manson.

Life is a constant search for happiness, but happiness is often hard to define. We each have our own molded self-definition of happiness. Each unique in its own right to fit into our ideas, beliefs, and perspective. Your definition of happiness may be different from your neighbors, friends, and spouse. We all search for happiness within our lives in our unique way. 

Happiness is the feeling you get when you achieve a project that you've been working hard on. Happiness is when you accept your flaws and become worthy of yourself. Happiness is knowledge and wisdom. Happiness is also peace, peace of mind and peace of being. You can't find happiness in outside things. Happiness cannot be created by anyone other than you. All things that are false in their claim of providing happiness are never substantial and often lead to dead ends.

Happiness isn't derived from material things and it isn't a result of the glitz and glamor. Happiness lies in doing what you want to do. Happiness is found in your close friendships and in your family. Happiness is in our careers and in achieving our dreams by ambitiously pursuing our highest joy. Happiness what makes a great individual, for they have no inner worries and thus, so can use their joy to bring change to what is wrong with the world.

"The man who has the zest for life has the advantage over the man who has none". Happiness is when you are in your flow and truly you, in whatever you are doing. Happiness is going against the grain and not bending to outside influences. Happiness is joy and passion. Happiness is staying true to your beliefs and for who you are.

Whenever I'm asked the critical question of what I want out of life or what drives me, my answer is always happiness. Even though it sounds so cliché and simple, it is really profound as your own happiness permeates every aspect of your life. Life is too short to not be happy. Unhappiness is the reason for many of our own and also worldly problems. Life is too short to not follow your path that you're destined for. 

"The original nature of the soul is love, peace, happiness, mercy, tolerance, and patience". Forms of hate, such as racism and bigotry are usually used as weapons by people who are unhappy. Their mission is primarily to knock down your happiness to their level of unhappiness because they can't fathom someone else's happiness in their miserability. Unhappy people hate seeing other people happy. Don't let their negative energy influence your own happiness. Don't let anyone ruin your happiness because it's really the only thing that's yours.

Negativity is a thief that steals happiness. 

Be happy, smile more, and most importantly live your life by one rule: Does this make me happy?