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My 500 Words Challenge: Day 1

My 500 Words: Day 1 of 31

“Words have the ability to determine who we are, what we want to be and what we become” Barbara Kruger. I have always been drawn to writing as a form of self-expression and it has always worked best for the inner introvert in me. Today, I am committing myself to the “My 500 Words” challenge where I will write 500+ words for 31 days straight. This is day 1 and my announcement to the world that I’m doing a challenge that isn’t the mannequin.

If you’ve been following my blog for the past year or so, you may have gotten a glimpse of my passion for all things social justice, digital innovation, marketing, and other miscellaneous topics. From writing about why #blacklivesmatters to opening up the conversation about mental health, masculinity, and hip-hop, writing has been my way to let the world know what I stand for. Being an introvert at heart, I’ve always had a hard time communicating verbally especially to strangers and people who I wasn’t close with. Writing has opened up my world and has made me comfortable in my own skin.

I don’t write for the views and likes, I write for the hope that if I don’t at least inspire someone…I will inspire myself.  So that’s why I’m doing the 500 words in 31 days to challenge and inspire myself. I am doing this challenge to strive for greatness and to position myself as the influential blogger that I hope to be. I am doing this to become a better writer, to express myself more openly, and most importantly…just to say that I f*ckin did it.

Hopefully by the end of day 31 and 15,500 words later I can say that I know myself a bit better. Isn’t that what life is about? The constant journey that is the internal search of who you are? These past 3 to 4 months, I have made a commitment to myself to develop as a professional and as a man. To rid myself of outside distractions and to invest my energy and time only to those things that contributes directly to my growth.

One of commitments that I made was to write more, not better, but just more. Over the past 3 to 4 months, I have increased the number of blogs that I posted on my website with the end goal of just creating. Drawing inspiration from Pablo Picasso as he said it best “The most important thing is to create. Nothing else matters; creation is all”.

So what the hell am I going to write about for 31 days straight? Thing is, I have not a damn clue. Maybe one day it’ll be about what I ate for lunch and the next a message of hope & inspiration. No matter what, each day will have some underlying significance. So please, if you’d like, follow my journey for these next 31 days. Let’s learn from each other and about one another as words have the power to draw the world closer. This is day 1…30 more to go!