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#My500Words: Day 3 of 31 “Aliens, Stay Woke”

Day 3: Aliens are real, stay woke.

“The only way to prove that aliens didn’t exist, that is the aliens themselves come to us and tell us that they didn’t exist” Giorgio A. Tsouaklos. If you happen to be wondering, the answer is yes I believe in aliens because why the f*ck not?! The universe is so vast and infinite that the world and life that we know is highly unknown. Humans will only know and accept the fact of the existence of alien life through first contact. There is other life out there and maybe they’ve been watching us for a very very long time.

There may be a probability that some alien races have integrated into our society. Looking at history, from the ancient Babylonians, ancient Egyptians, the Mayan’s and even the mystery of Atlantis, the influence of a higher outside force or being(s) have been present.

Already two paragraphs in and you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy by the time you get to read this line. In fact, you may be right. However, aren’t we all a bit crazy for thinking that we’re the only life forms that exist in the universe? I’d say so.

The purpose of this post isn’t to be a baseless rant on my own personal reasoning that other life exists. The purpose is to provide an untold history for the un-woke. From here on I am going to present (very high level, you can do your own research for your proof of belief) three “alien” races that have been known to have a presence and influence on the human species, both past and present. Even some have infiltrated our society and government(s).

The Anunnaki

In ancient Sumerian, anunnaki means those who came from the sky. The Anunnaki are a god-like race from the Planet Nibiru, also known as Planet X or the Twelfth Planet. Nibiru gets the nickname as the Twelfth Planet as it is the 12th planet in our solar system and situated somewhere beyond Pluto and known to pass by earth every 3,500 year. The Anunnaki first arrived on earth in the ancient Babylonian region 450,000 years ago. Their mission was to mine for gold to repair the atmosphere of their home planet. There are thousand of ancient tablets from the Sumerian that speak of the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki are even believed to have genetically modified and alter life on earth, creating the slave races of Greys and Humans. In the bible, the Anunnaki are known also as the Nefilim “The Watchers”.


The Reptilians

The Reptilians, also known as shape-shifters, are a Reptoid alien race as the name explains. They resemble human lizard creatures that can also shape shift to have the appearance of an actual human being. The Reptilians are very intelligent, evil, and have been a danger as their main mission is the domination of Earth. It’s really unknown where the Reptilians originated from but they have been known to live in secret underground caverns around the world. Similar to the Anunnaki, the Reptilians have been around since the beginning of civilization and are rumored to pass down technology. However, out of all of the alien species, the Reptilians are by far the most threatening to our existence. As a little conspiracy theory, the following are suspected of being Reptilian or humanoid-version of them: the Rockefellers and the Rothschild’s. The Reptilians could be what many know as the illuminati as they have infiltrated our government, banking, and world’s royalty.


The Greys

The Greys are probably the most commonly known or recognized alien race and are described to have large slim heads with large black eyes with their figure being tall and skinny. Like other races of aliens, the Greys have visited Earth in the past and are still visiting (See human abductions). The Grey’s are commonly associated with the famous Roswell UFO incident in 1947. Despite the thousand of counted abductions and sightings, the agenda of the Greys is widely unknown. Although, they have been rumored to right off the Reptilians in order to save the human race…the reason, know one knows. Maybe they have their own agenda and don’t want interference.

The greys

You may have the thought right now that I've been watching too much Ancient Aliens or Sci-Fi movies, but all I have to say is believe or don't believe. 

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