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#My500Words: Day 11 of 31 "Why the 40-hour workweek is a scam"

The 40-hour workweek is a scam. 

Go to school, get a degree, get a 9 to 5, wear the shirt and tie, retire, and die. We've been conditioned to believe that our life mission is to serve as pawns in Corporate America's game. A game that is also known as  "The American Dream". But, yet never before has it been easier to break free of the old 9 to 5 mold. No longer is the shirt and tie a model for career success and economic mobility. 

The 40-hour workweek is a sham. It goes against the laws of productivity and is meant to keep workers as the chattel to corporations. Corporate America only has one bottom line and that is profitability. The problem with America is that there are far too many companies that do not care about their employees. There are too many companies that base performance and productivity on an hourly scale. Not enough employers value the wellness of their workforce, if they did, there would be no standard 40-hour workweek.

Think about it, do you work as hard as f*cking possible each hour out of the 40? No, you BS for about 5 or 10, are in meetings for 10 to 15, and the remaining is left actually getting your work done. Even if you never intended to be a rat in the rat race, the 40-hour workweek makes you grow a tail and whiskers. You are now just another number, just another rat on the wheel that spins for 40 hours at a time.

Thanks to Millennials, shout out to us "Millennials, we the best! (DJ Khaled Voice)", more and more companies, especially within the emerging tech industry, are straying away from the 40 hour work week. Not only are these companies realizing that a 40-hour workweek does nothing to increase employee productivity, they are also noticing an increase in employee moral without it.

Employees are happier, they are working harder, and all the while putting in fewer hours. Employees no longer feel like artificial rats forced on a never-ending wheel. Well not really as it's only 40 hours, but you know what I mean. Employees are no longer forced to be rats. 

Unlike the Baby Boomers of the past, Millennials have also brought into the workplace casual Friday's, but every day! This can also be attributed to the tech industry. There is something about innovation and breaking norms that drive societal change in the workplace. Today, you'd think someone was successful by their suit they work until you find out that they work for someone who is wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

The wardrobe of the workplace is changing. The Mad Men days are over. No longer do you have to look forward to Friday's, just to break out your jeans for one day. Casual every day is now a reality in the workplace. In 10 to 15 years it will (hopefully) be universal and here to stay. 

The rules of the game are changing. Even though the rat race is sponsored by capitalism and will always be in the American fabric, it will be easier to have the option to not take part in it. The rat race is counter to the basis of the driving industries today, technology and digital innovation. It is counter-intuitive to both creativity and innovation.

You can't be creative and innovative when every instant you're chasing something artificial that society tells you to chase and forced to meet a weekly hourly requirement. Creativity and innovation come from going against the norm and outside of boundaries. Creativity and innovation are rebellious. Creativity and innovation don't fit the mold of the American Dream and definetley not the 40-hour workweek.