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Life is a Tornado

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Have you seen the movie Twister

If so...well even if you haven’t, I am still going to base this entire post on what may be, one of the best, and worst, analogies on life. 

Twister is a 90’s classic that stars Bill Paxton (R.I.P).

The movie is about a team of tornado storm chasers who are out on a mission to study the structure of tornadoes. Their goal is to be able to gather enough tornado data in order to develop an advanced tornado alert system.

To do so, the team of storm chasers invented a data-gathering "robot" looking device called Dorothy. Unlike in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy doesn't have glass slippers and doesn’t come with a Toto. 


But, the underlying goal for each Dorothy is similar. For one Dorothy, the goal is to gain a better understanding of tornados. For the other Dorothy, the goal is to learn more about herself through her spiritual journey on the yellow brick road.

Okay, maybe they aren't that similar but hopefully my point still stands.

Dorothy’s success is the ability for the device to release into the inside of the tornado. Once inside the tornado, hundreds of sensors swirl around the funnel. The sensors gather and send a whole lotta tornado data back to the research team to analyze.

If life was the movie Twister, and the tornadoes represented life itself, we would be both Dorothy and the team of storm chasers. We throw ourselves at life to try to figure it out, to understand the why’s and how’s. 

We go through life's tornado to find meaning and purpose.

Like the sensors that Dorothy releases, our experiences are lessons to understand. They are who we are, not because we live them, but because we have the ability to learn from them. 

Life is a tornado. 

Unpredictable, powerful and can alter its course, gain speed, or change size at any moment. 

Behind every human action is the motivation to have some better understanding of life. Of our purpose. 

The reason why we go to school is not for the advanced degrees or perfect career. It is the hope that monetary or vocational fulfillment will assist in gaining a better grasp of life. 

We fight for the perfect relationship. Not for love, but for the connection with that one person who fills the empty space that is the other half of yourself. Where you go through life trying to understand it together. 

Throughout time humans have always tried to figure out the meaning of life. We want the ability to predict the future. To be better equipped to navigate the whirlwind and unpredictable thing that we call living.  

We hurl ourselves at life to try to meet those things.

In Twister, it takes Dorothy repeated failure to finally win. Either Dorothy fails or the circumstances don’t end up in their favor. Yet, all movies have to come to a good ending.


Through each trial and tribulation. Tornado after tornado. Life whirlwind after life whirlwind, the storm chaser team, and Dorothy finally succeed. Dorothy is finally launched and released inside one of the biggest tornados that they encounter.

After each failed tornado, the storm chaser team rebuilds Dorothy using their failures as a guiding tool for improvements. If we are like Dorothy, although human versions, there is an ability to rebuild yourself after each loss. 

But how do we become like Dorothy, learn from our failures, and finally get an understanding of life? 

It’s not easy taking L’s.


Especially in the age of social media. Our L’s are no longer ours. They get broadcasted, shared, liked. This is the same with our wins. Yet, we have a tendency to overinflate when we win and downplay when we lose. In turn, doing ourselves a disfavor. 

Let the world know when you lose. You’ll find out the true power of vulnerability. While also being rewarded for it in unexpected ways. The only way to win from a loss is if you recognize it as a loss and are aware that you can gain from it. 

Dorothy took many losses, but each time, she was rebuilt and improved because the team recognized the importance of the loss and how it increases the chances of success for the next time around. 

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t take any losses.

I’m learning to be like Dorothy in life's tornado. 

Working to accept my losses, respect my no’s, and gain from my troubles. Which will hopefully make me a better overall individual at the end of the day. 

It may not seem like it in the moment, but that L is leading to a W. Don't be discouraged, it's okay to lose and be lost. Even Dorothy finally met the wizard and predicted tornados. 

Or maybe I’m just optimistic, and you may already be aware of this (if you are familiar with my blog). 

***turns on Amazon FireStick to watch Twister.