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Everything that happens in life, is okay

“Chill homie, you need to let that shit go” – Buddha. Okay, as you can probably guess, Buddha didn’t really say that. But the underlying message still resonates. We have to stop taking things so seriously. We often worry too much. We often stress too much. We often imagine false realities. We often produce our own fears. As a result, we attach negative stigmas to those fears even though they are neither positive nor negative – they just are. Everything is naturally okay. Everything that happens in life, is okay. 

It is in our human nature to push the panic button when our reality starts to get turbulent. Panic stems from the fear of the unknown. Panic stems from the fear of rejection. Panic stems from the fear of failure. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Fear. We must let the thought of fear go, if we are to achieve the unordinary. One of my favorite sayings comes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet “For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. Major key. This is the key to success. There is no experience, no thought, no action that is either positive or negative. They just are, and that’s okay.

Negativity is a thief that steals happiness. I’m not perfect, I often make mistakes…most of the times ones that I tend to regret. I’ve learned that those who dwell in their mistakes, usually end up drained from the emotional energy being spent ‘dwelling on the past’. In a state of honesty, this still happens to me. I’m human. We are all human. It takes a certain amount of courage to look past your past, and put it where it belongs because all we have is now. To dwell on something that is non-existent wouldn’t make sense, so why do we dwell on the past when it’s not actually happening now! It’s not existing at this moment in our reality and that’s okay. 

“I wouldn’t change a single thing, because one change alters every moment that follows it”, as said by the late great Sidney Poitier. Everything that you go through, grows you. To shed light on the saying by Sidney Poitier, you can’t get to where you need to go if you invalidate the path that got you where you currently are. Reality is filled with negative and positive experiences, it’s the yin and yang of life. To place balance and neutrality on each experience and to learn from each equally is the ultimate power. We have the power to decide how to react to panic, how to react to fear, how to react to rejection. Are you going to learn from this lesson? Every step is the right step, they are there for a reason – to teach you where you need to go…and that’s okay.

Everything that happens in life, is okay. What ever you may be going through at this present moment, is okay. What ever fear you may have, is okay. What ever break-up you recently had, is okay. What ever goal or accomplishment that you failed to achieve, is okay. The lesson that I want to provide here is that we have the power to take our reality to where we need to go. It’s time to know more of who we are, and we have the power to decide and dictate the person we want to be. 

My motto for 2016 is “Just do”. No try, just do. Just from existing, we have value and are more powerful than we can imagine. We have to stop buying into the belief that we aren’t good enough. We are! If you just “do” by believing that you are good enough! You have a choice to keep on living, just shift your reality to where you need to go. Just do. Do something every day that is representative of your highest joy to get you to that different path or goal. “If you want to fly, you have to let go of the shit that is weighing you down” – So chill homie, just let that shit go. Everything that happens in life, is okay. 

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