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How the C-Suite Consumes Information in a Digital World

Information is the lifeblood of any C-suite executive.

The C-suite is comprised of leaders of organizations, which includes CEO’s, CMO’s, CTO’s, CFO’s, among many others. They are the gatekeepers to organizations and have a responsibility to be informed enough to make key business decisions.

In order to keep up with changing trends, they require valuable content that they can utilize for their own thought leadership and effective management strategies.  

According to a recent survey, 75% of executives spend at least 30 minutes consuming news each day. Top executives consume news in the morning, on their way to work, or when immediately as they get into the office. Time has never been more valuable, and at the same time, digital media has blurred the lines between time and consumption.

The Digital C-suite

There is also a generational shift occurring within the C-suite. This shift is changing the way that business leaders use the internet to find information.

In the new digital C-suite, digital media has made it easier to find and consume information.

Among CEO’s under 50, 75% consume information online with the internet now being a top informational resource.

The information that business leaders are searching for hasn’t changed, but, the mediums that they use and engage in has.

The most popular platform for executives to find news is email newsletters. Over 90% of executives use newsletters for news and find it valuable in their work.

The growing younger demographic of the C-suite is very active on social media; yet, the behaviors vary depending on the social channel. Among social networks, LinkedIn is the most used platform with 72% of executives active on the channel.  While Twitter is the most popular for news as 41% of executives use it to get news related to their industry.

In the Age of Information content is more accessible and immediate than ever before. The digital C-suite is taking advantage of the changing landscape to help influence key decisions.