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4 Reasons Why Four Pins Is A Top Men’s Style & Lifestyle Blog


Four Pins, a menswear and lifestyle blog that is sponsored by COMPLEX, has continued to remain relevant while being one of the top go-to sites for guys who want to learn more about fashion. In an age where a lot information is floating around the internet, Four Pins has been able to establish themselves as trendsetters amongst the best menswear blogs. As the blog has been able to cut through the clutter, it has become a brand in itself. Below I will give four reasons why Four Pins is leading the way when it comes to menswear and lifestyle blogs:1) Relevancy

Four Pins has established themselves as one of the top men’s style blogs for tastemakers, style mavens, and trendsetters by delivering content that is relevant to their audience. Driven by a passion for the menswear culture, Four Pins provides valuable information and covers interesting topics. The content is useful, practical, essential, and helpful.

2) Personality

The writing and content is not only insightful, but it also entertaining and often times amusing. The tone and manner of the blog is casual, humorous, and irreverent but at the same time tasteful. It is rare to come across a men’s style blog that can provide attention-grabbing writing with a sense a humor. Four Pins doesn’t take itself to seriously, allowing the readers to have connection with the writers as if you know them personally.

3) Use of Features

The Four Pinsfeatures section allow its readers to see behind the scenes within the menswear culture. It also allows the ability to get a sneak peak into the minds of the designers, artist, influencers, and cultural mavens who are being interviewed to see where their inspiration comes from. Also included in the features section are personal shopping & style guides along with street-style snaps, which are a great resource for readers to upgrade their personal style.

4) Fantastic Visuals

All great blogs combine the use of quality content with excellent visuals, and Four Pins does just that. The use of fantastic visuals contributes to the blogs relevancy. The Street-Style photography and images gives a fresh perspective of current style trends.