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A poem dedicated to empathy

Romance is a foreign language – spoken in French  

We act and fret

As if it doesn’t hurt inside,

a horrible feeling

Each layer removed, consistently peeling


Eternal heart has seen medusa

Drawn to her gaze

In the search for meaning

Stuck in stone

Every day is a challenge to let feelings be known


Encompassed in a battle – angel and demon perched on each shoulder

Cursed from a previous life

Sent to earth to learn its lesson – figured it’s to be bolder

To stop the universal heart from getting colder


It’s infinitely hanging over  

Dark cloud – as the corner of the universe

Emotions deep in the abyss – never to be seen 

Prop the umbrella over the problem(s)

Sweep it all beneath the rug

Down there

You’ll never solve them


A lifetime of hiding

A selfish gesture


We value time

Time to share with one another

The more we hide

Those odds split in half

It’s hard to split what you don’t have


It’s okay to cry

It’s okay to feel

It’s okay to ride the roller coaster

Just like when you were young  

The twist of emotion – feelings tangled on the tongue


I’ve found the answer

Lesson learned

In empathy – a solution to the problem(s)

I’d never be a man until I solve them