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Don't Waste Your Youth Growing Up "A Short Essay"

"Somedays I sit and wish I was a kid again..." 

Don't Grow Up

Remember when you were a kid, passionate about the little things, such as playing on the swings. Your youth hood was a time when the ice cream truck was some sort of symbol of your inner youthfulness, both, delightful and self-indulgent. You always recognized its soundtrack when it rolled by. The ever-recognizable melody, life was as simple.

Our youth was full of simple pleasures and pure bliss.

A time when you sought wisdom and enlightenment from Saturday morning cartoons. Your youth revealed your truest inner joy. The joy of receiving gift bags after a birthday party. Or even eating fresh oranges during half time, and/or after the game, in your youth sports game. This joy made waking up the next day always awaiting some type of delight that was life.

Damn, did we have it good, but is there a definite reasoning on why we can’t relish that same joy as life goes on?

“Don’t waste your youth by growing up” Pablo Picasso

I’ve always thought that was a pretty powerful line, but also, so simple. With each passing birthday, society pressures us to rid ourselves of your youthfulness. We enter the next year of life, with an extrinsic idea of what it means to be an adult.

At one end of the spectrum, age is a thief, but at the other end, it is a certain state of mind verified by avid imagination.

Our youth hood initiated our creativity as a generation, labeled as millennials. I hate that term, but, our memories of youth are different than those generations of the past. Those memories are still deep down somewhere within our psyche. You lose yourself if, in that, you lose your youth.

It is our intuitive creativity that has the potential to change the future of the world.

There’s a Peter Pan inside all us. Reminding us that we have the ability to fly. To rise up to our truest potential of creativity, righteousness, and realization.

The boundless potential of change lies within a youthful mind. However, it is a youthful spirit that stimulates a youthful mind. As a consequence, 'the creative adult is the child who has survived'. The most creative minds have always dignified a spirit of youthfulness.

Your youth was the time in your life when your level of ‘belief’ was at its most high. When you thought anything was possible. The image of the older version of yourself was an embodiment that your dreams could come true, simply by believing. We can’t give up on hope, for the world, more than ever, is now dependent on our ability to dream.

For dreams are the main threat to the power structures of society and have the power to change and shift entire paradigms.

This is a call to start believing, to start dreaming and to start creating. Youth has no age. There are no limits and like the saying goes, anything is possible. Be the adult who never grew up, your future version of yourself is dependent upon it.