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What's really wrong with Donald Trump

What's Really Wrong With Donald Trump

I hate Hillary Clinton, but I just voted for her.

Don’t get me wrong, I was once Bernie or Bust, but then Trump happened.

It isn’t like I wasn’t previously aware of the racism, and bigotry that spewed from his campaign. It is now bigger than his derogatory views. Donald Trump is a threat to our country, whose damage to not only our nation, but also to humanity is simply unknown.

No longer is this election about partisanship. Donald Trump is a demagogue and menace to American democracy. His campaign is rooted in bigotry and intimidation. On top of his ignorance, he is incompetent with a kindergarteners view of the world.   

“Know thyself, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories” Suz Tzu.

The purpose of this article isn't about my extreme hate for Trump nor is its intention to persuade you who to vote for. This is not propaganda to Vote for Hillary. No, that’s not why I’m writing this. This is a post to figure out the root of the problem. How has someone like Trump been able to come to rise and come this close to becoming the most powerful man in the world?! ...not to mention, the most dangerous.

What is the extrinsic and intrinsic motivation of his most loyal supporters? Both the loyal alt-right and the uneducated lower white class. Where does their pain stem from? Their own self-hate and devotion to vote against their own interests.

Trump is a threat to Democracy. That is a statement you cannot just deny. For some reason however, his supporters are blind to it. They fear that Donald Trump is the last chance to save America from multiculturalism and globalization. Mr. Trump is the last hope to save the end of the country they once knew and loved.

There is a dictator in front of them, but to them he’s their savior and escape out of poverty. But yet, that’s not even close to being the primary reason for their support for Trump.

Know thy enemy

Once upon a time ago, factories were job mills for millions of uneducated Americans.

In Trump, his supporters see a return to their version of America. When the economy relied on the labor that lead to millions of jobs for uneducated white Americans. The time where you didn't need a high school diploma to reach the American dream. Oh, and also the time of Jim Crow. 

When the American Dream was attainable, you just had to work hard and, stay committed. Even if you lacked a high school education, you could still live the American Dream.  You know, back to the good ole days of coal and steel factories. Good American jobs.

The fact is, a once thriving middle class is now shrinking.

In America, we shouldn’t have to stand in food pantry lines every other week to get a handout”.

Things have changed – which is where the unrest has built up. The fallacy of the American Dream ended.

Today, education is the lifeblood of economic growth. But yet, the standard of education in the United has diminished from a once global lead.

The upward mobility to the middle class for uneducated white Americans disappeared over time. The bargaining power of the middle class eroded. A consequence of innovation. But more so, the direct result of flat wages.

But yet, today’s minimum wage workers are more educated than ever.

Bernie preached about income inequality, but Trump isn’t preaching. He’s taking advantage of an opportunity like the future dictator that he is.

There has to be a scapegoat. 

Beliefs lag behind reality” 


What happened to the good ole' days

American exceptionality. It leads people to believe that they are superior based on that same assumption. A large part of the discontent that drives Donald Trumps campaign.

Economic opportunity, or lack thereof, is a great cause to the division in this election. Poverty can make someone listen to false rhetoric of hope – bringing back  the good ole days.

One of Trumps lies is that Americas production and manufacturing output is declining. That's not totally true, but although there has been a loss of factory jobs, the output of production is steady. We have produced twice as much over the past thirty years with way fewer workers. We are still the envy of the world in terms of manufacturing advancements.

But yet, there is some element of truth.  Our output of goods has not declined, although the workforce has ,which is all thanks to innovation in technology. It takes less people to make shit now.

Many Americans need to recognize that the Good Ole days are over and gone for good. Recreating the economy will not be easy, especially if we are hell bent on holding on to old ways.

Innovation will slow under a Trump leadership. His vision of an economy that relies on manufacturing is a prehistoric idea. 

The anger of his supporters is their realization of the inevitable; that the rise of technology is replacing jobs. These people fear to be left out. 

New research points to “the potential of a larger middle class to provide the economic boost sought by many advanced economies”.  Unless we invest in improving education, cutting medical waste and energy costs, the economy will never reach its full modern potential.

Making America Great. By investing in greater education, clean energy, to lead the way in a modern economy. Not by repeating old and past worn out tactics…failed and obsolete economies.

“Foreign trade supports about 13% of the U.S. economy.”

Yes, some jobs are being shipped overseas, but a majority have been replaced with ‘robots’, which is inevitable regardless of trade agreements.

Maybe his tax plan would cut taxes for most Americans. However, the reality is that it will skyrocket the debt and halt the growth of the economy.  

Not only is it proven that his economic plan will send the country into a recession, but also risk a global trade war. 

Plus, you can’t just tax the shit out of China and Mexico. In return they will happily increase the price of items making services and goods increasingly expensive for everyday Americans. Economics 101, the economy grows when people are buying stuff.

I think there was a similar law to Trumps proposals during the Great Depression called the “Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act” it failed miserably. 

Trump Supporter


“His domestic policies would lead to a recession. His foreign policies would make America and the world less safe. He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president” – Mitt Romney.

But yet, a majority of his followers fathom him just because of the simple fact that he has fame and money. Or, has he branded himself to appear that way. Glitz and false Glamour. Their excessive fandom is the assumption of the American Dream. That “people are only worth what they achieve”.

Today, African-Americans are still the least likely race to make it to the middle class. Now many ‘blue collar’ Americans face the same fate. It’s uncomfortable for them.

Make America Great Again. A shout for self-preservation. But you can’t deny the truth that there are lower wages and fewer full-time jobs that were once accessible. Many Trump supporters mourn because of their grim reality and see hope in the phrase “Great Again.”

You are patiently standing in the long line stretching toward the horizon, where the American Dream awaits. But as you wait, you see people cutting in lead ahead of you. Many of the line-cutters are black & minorities – beneficiaries of affirmative action or welfare”. All thanks to the government. For giving these minority groups opportunities through new laws and regulations. No longer is it your America, it’s theirs.

There is a new economic reality that they must face, and it is acquired through education. They must embrace the new jobs created in the new modern economy. However ironic, it also happens to be Republicans who seem to be the ones always willing to cut education budgets.

Donald Trumps worst supporters, the alt-right strongly believe that white Americans are endangered. All thanks to Americas first black president. “The alt-right would not exist if it weren’t for terrible immigration policies and social justice warriors and liberalist and maybe the Barack Obama presidency”.

Donald Trump is the dog whistler to the alt-right. This once underserved group now has the potential to have an impact commercially and politically.

We no longer see each other as equal. America is now a caste system based on socioeconomics, set up so that each class wagers war on the other. In the end, those at the top exploit for their own benefits & gains.

Donald Trump

America: The Season Finale

How could Christians vote for a man whose rhetoric and behavior goes against the teachings of Christ? And then treat him like the savior himself?!

This is a man whose campaign is themed with violence and retaliation. He threatens his critics and even encourages his supporters to retaliate with force.

He is a threat to himself due to his lack of self-awareness and huge ego. “Trump is going to do whatever the fuck he wants. You have to trick him into doing what you want”.

The only thing scarier than Trump is his supporters. 

I don’t believe that he even truly understands what he has tapped into and that it is larger than himself. The worst can be yet to come as the momentum of the hate movement that he has created will still be there, win or lose. It will go full Breitbart.

Donald Trump encourages anarchy – by instilling fear in preaching of a rigged election. He also calls for protesters to be roughed up. You cannot deny or even question why white nationalist are his strongest supporters. In Donald Trump, they found a champion.

Speeches range of paranoia and conspiracy of victimhood – pledged by the elites. He exploits his supporters with fear, anger and paranoia. There are no facts or true moral judgments in his campaign, it is purely emotional, and is fueled by the anxiety of his followers. 

His rhetoric is dangerous and will have consequences.  

Win or lose, Trump has emboldened the racist culture in this country. He knows he’ll be just fine after this election; I don’t think he really cares if he wins or not. That’s what’s so dangerous. This is not The Apprentice (what a shitty show) as he thinks it is. Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump, he doesn’t give a fuck about America. He feeds off of his supporters pain, drawing strength and money from it. They’ll still be in pain but he’ll be okay.

To those Trump supporters that think Trump is your hope, you can’t expect an old dog to change his habits overnight.

Win or lose, America will have to face the consequences of the bigotry and hate that has unleashed from Donald Trump.

This is our time to be on the right side of history. Donald Trump will destroy America. We have to choose patriotism over party. A vote against trump is a vote for America.

Under no circumstances can Donald Trump become president.