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Advertising Week 2015 Recap: Part 1

Advertising Week

Advertising Week

You should always pursue your dreams with passion. This week I had the opportunity to attend the 12th Annual Advertising Week in NYC. As a marketer and student, it was an excellent opportunity to learn from and be inspired by the greatest minds in the industry. This is Part 1 of my Advertising Week recap. I will give a brief summary for each seminar session that I attended in bullet points, as there was sooo much information to retain. Enjoy!

The Nightly Show This Morning

The first seminar of the week that I attended was “The Nightly Show This Morning” hosted by Comedy Central’s own Larry Wilmore where he brought a distinct point of view and comedic take on pop culture and advertising.

  • “Funny is Money!”
  • Humor in advertising provides authenticity and also humanizes the brand
  • Social Media allows a direct relationship with consumer as they participate and share with brand
  • Advertising reflects culture, and not the other way around
  • Consumers want value | Value = Informed, Entertained, Educated
  • To increase engagement, brands must provide personalized content with utility
  • Brands should DO THINGS IN THE WORLD!!!

Do Brands Matter?

Presented by Ogilvy & Mather, the seminar “Do Brands Still Matter?” research was revealed that brand do in fact still matter but just in ways that are different than the past in what they called the “Fifth Age of Brands”.

  • Brands are fragile and transparent due to informed consumers
  • “Make Brands Matter” by:
    • Service = Helps you do things
    • Purpose = Values
    • Image = Innovative, Style, Design
    • People want marketing that helps increase their “Enjoyment of Life”
    • Service & Marketing are merging

What's The Business Case for Well-being in the Workplace

Probably the seminar that I liked the most out of the week, “What’s the Business Case for Well-being in the Workplace” focused on mindfulness and overall well-being in the modern workplace.

  • Mindfulness is developing awareness and to be in the present moment
  • Mindfulness is the ability to disengage from stress, which allows for focus/creativity
  • Mindfulness is a developed skill to deal with stress
  • Mindfulness is a tool to connect with people
  • Employees, especially millennials, want to live more fulfilling and healthy lives
  • “Peace in oneself, Peace in the world”
  • Ad/Marketing industry needs to re-evaluate work culture/habits

Connecting In A Mobile World

I have become increasingly intrigued by mobile, the more and more I learn about it. “Connecting in a Mobile World” presented by Facebook, talked about the rise of mobile and the impact that it has on the advertising industry.

  • For brands to increase conversion they must be at the right place in the right time right time
  • Consumers have changed behavior through mobile
  • Marketers currently underinvest in mobile (10-15% should be spent to unlock potential)
  • “Mobile in the mix now proven to improve overall campaign & business performance” --- it is suggested to reallocate % of overall budget to mobile
  • Mobile is a competitive advantage
    • Relative impact vs. cost
    • Mobile Video = High ROI
    • Location / Creative Optimization
    • Each screen behaves differently, brands must cater to each differently
    • Mobile is also a sensor, not only a channel
    • Uses: Video, location, augmentation