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99 things I learned in New York

I've lived in New York for over two years now and I can say for certain that deciding to take a risk, pick up and move to the east coast has been one of the greatest decision that I have made in my life. When you move to a new city, especially the Big Apple, you're forced and put into situations that may be uncomfortable, but you sure do learn about yourself. You evolve and become this person that was always there in a metaphysical sense, but who you're just now 're-discovering'.

I have grown leaps and bounds, have experienced the highs and lows, and have thoroughly enjoyed living in one of the greatest cities in the world. From the people I've met to the experiences I have gone thru...even though I was raised in Los Angeles, New York has made me the person I am today.

I've learned not only a lot about myself but also about life in general. I thought it was appropriate on my last night in New York City to share a quick list of things I've learned while living in the city of dreams: 

  1. Halal food is lit 
  2. No one cares, work harder
  3. Don't chase the girl 
  4. Gotta look out for yourself 
  5. Never get on an empty train
  6. Bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll or plain bagel should be a staple in everyone's breakfast
  7. It f*cking stinks 
  8. Like really bad, especially in the summer 
  9. Jerk chicken is lit 
  10. Support the local church cookout (food is bomb and well-priced...$5 plates, waddup!)
  11. So much extreme wealth on top of poverty 
  12. Always set an intention
  13. You will never find good tacos or Mexican food
  14. There are a lot of self esteems issues 
  15. Never do dinner for a first date 
  16. Everyone you date will teach you something about yourself 
  17. We want it all but can't have it all 
  18. You will always be constantly on the go
  19. You un-learn how to actually relax
  20. Perfection and nothing less is the only thing acceptable 
  21. Williamsburg is pretty fun - although overpriced and somewhat overrated 
  22. Fort Greene is the best neighborhood in all of the boroughs (opinion)
  23. You WILL eat dinner on multiple occasion after 11PM
  24. There's always a quick fix for something 
  25. Everyone has a vice 
  26. Time doesn't exist 
  27. I have a long way to go, but the future is bright 
  28. I have to grind twice as hard 
  29. Nothing is given
  30. Everyone has their own reality 
  31. Take what's yours 
  32. Don't be normal
  33. Always eat breakfast 
  34. I thought I knew myself, but the search is everlasting 
  35. Don't quit, be strong 
  36. Individuality is important 
  37. Going to the gym is essential for mental stability
  38. Take care of your mental health
  39. Hustle, grind, play the system, hustle
  40. Trust the journey 
  41. You'll do the most dating you've ever done in your life
  42. While learning more about yourself from the experience
  43. Social dating apps are a norm
  44. The subway is like an abyss 
  45. Uber and seamless are tools for survival 
  46. New York professional sports team(s) are horrible 
  47. Barclay's Center is really really nice 
  48. Metlife is pretty dope as well
  49. I should've went to MSG at least once :( 
  50. It's come to my assessment that there actually NO football fields in all of Manhattan
  51. Old Chinese ladies defend their seats on the subway
  52. They'll also knock you over while running to an open seat 
  53. Beware of the closing door 
  54. You'll start to see the same panhandlers
  55. The 'showtime' subway kids can be mad annoying
  56. NYPD is very useless
  57. I've also seen the most cops who looked like they shouldn't be cops
  58. There's a revolutionary spirit that overcomes you in the city
  59. You should at least join 1 protest in your lifetime
  60. Stand for something
  61. #BlackLivesMatter
  62. Always carry a pair of headphones
  63. The city is intrinsically motivating
  64. My heart will always be in Brooklyn
  65. Spread love its the Brooklyn way
  66. Brooklyn>Every other borough
  67. Warriors is a really good movie
  68. Write down your goals
  69. Follow your joy
  70. Think of the best case scenario
  71. Don't work a job that you hate
  72. You create your own reality
  73. Only go after what deserves you
  74. Be picky
  75. Everything in moderation
  76. Your personal style will evolve
  77. New York becomes you
  78. You are obligated to take two showers a day in the summer
  79. It's socially acceptable to hibernate in the summer
  80. Slush puddles will get you got
  81. Buy a good umbrella, it's worth the investment
  82. Always give your seat to a pregnant lady on the subway
  83. Found out about $1 cabs in Brooklyn
  84. Bernie '2016
  85. Always express how you feel
  86. In all important matters, honesty is best 
  87. A good pair of jeans is all you need 
  88. Black - always wear Black 
  89. Ever man should have one pair of brown and one pair of black dress shoes 
  90. New Yorkers are really authentic people 
  91. Everyone is busy - stop complaining 
  92. Re-brand yourself, always
  93. If there's a connection, trust the vibes and energy - they don't lie 
  94. Dollar slice pizza can save your night at 4AM
  95. Appreciate the talents that you've been given
  96. Reverse engineer your dreams 
  97. Find inspiration from other people 
  98. Only surround yourself with those that take you higher 
  99. We are all connected