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3 Powerful Benefits of "The Law of Hell Yeah or No"

When you say no to most things, you leave room in your life to really throw yourself completely into that rare thing that makes you say “Hell Yeah!”.
— Mark Manson

We all search for that rare thing that gives our life purpose.

Every day is a step closer to that Christmas morning feeling. If you’re not waking up each morning passionate about your pursuits and endeavors then you may need to reevaluate your decision-making process, for all aspects of your life.

Harsh, I know.

Here in lies the law of “Hell Yeah or No” as it makes finding that rare thing a simple and binary decision.

If you have been following my blog the past year, you may be familiar with the law as I’ve written about it before. Coined by blogger and author, Mark Manson, the law states that if you’re not saying hell yeah to something, then say no.

The law of “Hell Yeah or No” applies to your career, friendships, dating, relationships, or any other point in life where you need to make a decision.

Be mindful of the law when you want to get involved with someone, pursue a new opportunity or friendship. Whatever it may be, it must inspire you to say “hell yeah!” and it shouldn’t feel any less.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

Why would you commit to anything if it doesn’t inspire you? Why would you commit to anything or anyone that isn’t as excited to be with you? Why would you pursue the job or career that you aren’t passionate about?

The law of “Hell Yeah or No” is a simple, yet powerful mindset. There are countless benefits to living a hell yeah life.

Here are three reasons why you should follow and apply the law of “Hell Yeah or No”:

1) You'll Be Free

“If you’re in the grey area, to begin with, you’ve already lost” as said by Mark Manson. If something in your gut is wrong or if you’re feeling uncertain about anything, you should follow the law of “Hell yeah or No”.

Here, I’ll tell you why.

When you’re uncertain about any situation, over time it has a negative impact on your well being. If you follow the law, the chances that you’ll be uncertain about any situation again won’t exist (that’s a stretch, but you get the point).

If not, let’s break it down.

The uncertainty stems from doubt, which is to lack confidence or to call into question the truth. The law builds confidence. Each “hell yeah” decision brings you closer to living in harmony with yourself.

You’ll go from questioning yourself and coming up with countless what-if scenarios to always listening to your intuition.

You'll feel free of whatever monkey is on your back.

“If you have to ask, then that’s your answer”.

If you’re uncertain about a potential relationship, you’ll no longer do the dance. We’ve all been there before. The text messages without any set plans. The avoidance. The constant PR moves and crafted cancellation excuses. Why be strung on by people that aren’t that into you? End the hoping, wishing and what ifs.

Start to become the rejector, you may earn a badge of self-respect in return.

Build confidence by setting personal boundaries. As a result, you’ll know where you stand at any moment. Saving yourself from half-hearted commitments.

Now let’s say that you’re unsure about a new career path. Or any decision where you may feel stuck, such as taking on a new project. If you apply the law of Hell Yeah or No to those situations it will help free you from the stress and anxiety that comes with the decision making process.

As an example, a new strategy that I am taking to my current job hunt is to take a more targeted approach. Whereas, unlike in the past where I would blast out as many resumes and cover letters as possible. I am now only applying to the positions that I am not only interested in but also feels like a natural fit. For both employer and employee.

Even though it may add more time to the job hunt process, it’s allowing me to become freer because I’m being more efficient with my energy.

Damn, now what if I applied that same concept to dating?

Freedom means spending time on things that you enjoy and are meaningful. Opening up your energy for things that are a good fit.

2) Life Becomes Easier

Life becomes easier when you realize that it’s yours. Ah, that feeling of flowers and all.

Life becomes easier when you say hell yeah only to the things that are rare. By having too many hell-no things in our live increases the chances of stress and anxiety.

It’s your life to live and it should be easy. If you follow someone else’s path, you’re saying hell yeah to their dreams and not yours. Making life that much harder for yourself.

Say hell no to outside influences and live the hell yeah life that you want. Trust me, your life will be easier. You’ll have more time which will leave room in your life for things that truly matter.

Life is too short - why waste on people or work that are less than fantastic.

By following and implementing the law of Hell Yeah or No in your life, you’ll also start to make more decisive decisions. Why complicate things by saying yes to something that doesn’t get you excited. It’s wasting time.

A hell yeah life will limit and preserve your sanity for more important matters or people, you’ll be happier. A hell yeah life is one where you are alive as life is easier when you have passion.

3) The Universe Will Reward You

When you work on yourself, which should always be a hell yeah. When you surround yourself with people who reflect your energy and align with you. When you are passionate and pursue what your heart desires. The universe will always reward you.

It’s the law of attraction. By saying yes to more hell yeah things, you’ll live a more hell yeah life.

It’s simple, like many great things in life.

Say hell yeah to your path and stop questioning yourself. Say hell yeah to that friend that’s always there for you. Say hell yeah to the job that doesn’t ever feel like work. Say hell yeah to the relationship where both of you are hell yeah about each other, if not, then move on.

We can start to make better long-term decisions by embracing the law of “Hell Yeah or No”.

So when you find the rare hell yeah thing, you need to commit to it. No matter what it is.